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These new tracks heated up another winter weekend

Caught up in Splendour or San Diego Comic Con? Here's what you might have missed in music

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Weekly updates

It might be the middle of winter here in Australia, but, of course, that means it’s summer somewhere else (we’re looking at you, USA) and the past weekend brought a lot of heat with new music releases. So while you may have been distracted by Splendour in the Grass, San Diego Comic Con, or FOMO for both, the music ball kept rolling on. And, boy, when it rolls, it rocks, baby!

  • Words: James Schofield

01. Desiigner - Timmy Turner

Even if you’ve only been loosely paying attention to the world of hip-hop over the past two months, chances are you still have some awareness of Brooklyn rapper Desiigner’s sing-song ‘Timmy Turner’ freestyle released in partnership with XXL Magazine for Desiigner’s inclusion in the 2016 XXL Freshman List. And you would certainly, without a shadow of the doubt, be familiar with the G.O.O.D Music artist’s hit single ‘Panda’, which topped the Billboard Hot 100, against all odds.

What you might be less aware of, however, is that Desiigner has been cooking up something big with his ‘Timmy Turner’ freestyle and powerhouse producer Mike Dean, dropping his first official follow-up to ‘Panda’ on Friday with this single titled (you guessed it) ‘Timmy Turner’.

Journeying from moody, dark bass to an uplifting, angelic ending, carried along all the while by that infectious hook, ‘Timmy Turner’ could yet prove to challenge ‘Panda’ as Desiigner’s single-most infectious hit. Even if not, it’s certainly worthy of regular rotation for a long while to come.

02. Gucci Mane - Pussy Print (ft. Kanye West)

Released from prison at the end of May, Gucci Mane has been on a tear in music since being made a free man, appearing on tracks with names such as Drake and Young Thug (as well as a stand-out appearance on the G.O.O.D Music track ‘Champions’), and finally released ninth studio album Everybody Looking over the weekend.

While the album in its entirety exceeded expectations from start to finish, it’s undoubtedly this cut with Kanye West that stands head-and-shoulders above anything else, finding Guwop and Yeezy trading attitude-rich, sexy bars over smooth production. Given the success of ‘Champions’, it’s sure starting to look like maybe these two hip-hop powerhouses simply have extraordinary chemistry together.


Not to be outdone by Drake’s dancehall-fused hits ‘Controlla’ and ‘One Dance’, fellow OVO Sound signed artist PARTYNEXTDOOR follows up his hit single ‘Come and See Me’ with this groovy offering – the latest taste of PND’s upcoming third studio album P3.

Titled ‘Not Nice’, the track finds PND baring the truth to an undisclosed female, to whom he croons, “you’re not nice, you’re rude“. With anthem potential, the track could prove to be a successful one for OVO’s elusive PARTYNEXTDOOR, and certainly bodes well for P3 (expected August 12).

04. Joe Budden - Just Because

Speaking of Drake, the OVO head’s ongoing ‘feud’ with fellow hip-hop act Joe Budden took yet another turn over the weekend, with Budden releasing his fourth (!) Drake diss track to Soundcloud.

Titled ‘Just Because’, the track finds Budden and his barbs having softened somewhat, though Joey still sets out aiming for Drake’s head with this fourth diss effort. Too bad that four diss tracks with no reply seems a little bit… sad.

As Joe Budden himself acknowledges, he doesn’t have much to gain from continuing to release diss records aimed at OVO’s champion, and yet, still, at least it makes for good listening.

05. Ramriddlz - H2O

Yet another branch on Drake’s ever expansive tree of ‘influence’, Toronto act Ramriddlz reemerges with latest track ‘H20’, co-produced by fellow Toronto talent Jaegen. With Ramriddlz having received some spotlight a year ago from Drake’s remix of Ram’s ‘Sweeterman’ track, this latest effort from the dancehall artist might be his best chance at cashing in on the extra attention.

With lines like “I get her wetter than water” ripe for singing along to, Ramriddlz could be on to something here, and with no small thanks to the continued solid production output from the aforementioned Jaegen.

06. THEY. - Deep End

R&B/Rock duo THEY. are in good company signed to Mind of a Genius, sharing billing on the label roster with names such as Zhu and Gallant, and have already done quite a bit to prove their inclusion amongst that talented lineup with previous releases such as June’s ‘Say When’ and their 2015 EP ‘Nü Religion’. But they might have really struck gold with latest single ‘Deep End’.

The duo themselves have referred to the track as “some trap R. Kelly shit”, and might not be far off with the tag, as the confident, confrontational production exquisitely elevates the vocals to create a track that could well prove to truly be THEY.’s ticket in to the mainstream consciousness. With an album on the way later this year, sky seems the limit for this talented duo.

07. Smino - Kajun (ft. Jean Deaux & Phoelix)

Up-and-comer Smino drops this smooth, tasty ode to fried chicken, showing off his skills as an artist and grabbing an ethereal contribution from Jean Deaux in the process. Smino has emerged as a name to watch in hip-hop lately, even appearing alongside Big Sean and Chance the Rapper on a leaked track by the latter artist.

And, at this point in 2016, a Chance the Rapper co-sign is almost as good as it gets.

08. Rick Ross & Skrillex - Purple Lamborghini

“Woah” is probably the best way to describe this monstrous collaboration between Maybach Music’s Rick Ross and Skrillex for the soundtrack to the upcoming film Suicide Squad. About as hard as it comes and titled ‘Purple Lamborghini’ (which might trigger the memories of keen eyes having seen Jared Leto’s The Joker driving Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn around in a purple Lamborghini, while Batman clings to the car’s roof, in one of the highly anticipated film’s earlier trailers).

In all honesty, it’s hard to think of the last time that Rick Ross sounded this inspired, as Skrillex manages to pull the best out of the portly hip-hop act. If nothing else, it certainly helps to elevate the excitement for Suicide Squad‘s release in two weeks’ time.