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You can score a major label modelling contract via Instagram and now you might even be able to work for Timbaland through the social media channel – if you’ve got the skills, of course. The man behind most of your favourite tracks of the early millennium has put a call-out via his Instagram account for “different” songwriters to be the “next top hot” talent on his roster. Sure, he’s been pretty low-key of late, working most recently on TV show Empire and with upcoming rapper Tink, but you don’t score hits with Jay Z, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Justin Timberlake (and then some) without some serious beatmaking clout. 

Think you’ve got what it takes? Hit him up: [email protected] We would LOVE to see some of the *ahem* gems that go through that email account.

Seriously, though. In the meantime, we’ve gathered a few great Timbo classics in the gallery above… for inspiration.

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