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Tyler, The Creator isn’t normally the type of person you would expect to get behind mainstream anything—usually opting for projects and interests that are specifically left-of-centre and, arguabley, unpopular. It might seem a little strange, then, that Tyler reached out to ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik over Twitter, proposing they collaborate.

Zayn parted ways with boy band One Direction earlier in the year, opting out of the group to pursue both a solo career and a “normal life”. Maybe it’s his defection from the 1D party that made him all the more desirable to Tyler’s sonic sense. No one seems to be skeptical at all about how this might turn out, with Twitter completely freaking out over the potential collab (in a good way).

There doesn’t appear to be any official (public) word from Zayn at this stage but there is a definite sense of Pharrell x Justin in the air with this one.

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