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It’s Gucci Mane vs the Government, round… We’ve lost count.

After racking up two priors – one for aggravated assault when he hit a promotor in the head with a pool cue, and the other for being caught in possession of more than 20 grams of weed – the government is now servin’ the Trap God with two federal firearm charges, with authorities ordering him to hand over his 40 caliber Glock and 45 caliber Taurus, plus ammo. Police found the guns after they were called on two separate occasions to check on his behaviour, with one of the calls ending in police arresting and sedating Gucci after he threatened to shoot them. Smooth. Just in case you needed a reminder why ‘Murrica’s gun laws are fucked.

Still, our favourite part of Gucci Mane’s ongoing court battles is that they remind us of his real name: Radric Davis. What.

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