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Synthetic pads form a swirling mist that turns everything in its path into an ’80s VHS cover… The Village People rise out of the ground, motionless except for their pointer fingers which slam repetitively into MPC drum machines… A wild Joseph Gordon-Levitt stunt double appears wearing the best shirt in the world… He opens his mouth and you are instantly transported back in time to a moment far better than current one… You are now listening to Andras & Oscar.

The one-shot video for the latest track from Melbourne’s hottest musical power couple is the perfect visual interpretation of ‘Looking Back’ as told from vocalist/protagonist Oscar Key Sung‘s point of view. Although the clip has been stylised to look pretty enough for your MacBook screen, it might as well be an accidental selfie-turned-video that Oscar took while going about his daily routine.

As you can see, his typical day usually consists of the following: Melbourne’s most fab strolling by to annoy him (we spotted a representative of HABITS; is that Triple R’s Simon Winkler?), making tunes with his virtuoso partner-in-crime Andras Fox and trying to outrun two of the best backup dancers money can’t buy.

Cafe Romantica, the sophomore album from Andras & Oscar comes out next month via Chapter Music and Dopeness Galore. I haven’t been this excited for a Melbourne-made album for a long time.

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