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The track (originally intended for Rihanna) that has divided Grimes fans since she premiered it at the Governors Ball back in June has just received a visual treatment in the form of an equally contentious clip, featuring Grimesy grinding in da club with mimes and walking around sand dunes with collaborator Blood Diamonds.

Whether you’re a hater of Grimes’ new direction and are still coming to terms with her cross-over to the dark side, or an enduring fan of the producer and singer, the video definitely looks more like a Katy Perry–esque clip than what we’re used to from the 26 year-old Canadian.

But who knows, maybe that’s exactly what Grimes wants to do, piss people off by producing a trap-pop single and refusing to be pigeonholed as an experimental producer.

The clip went up yesterday and has already received as much criticism as the audio did when it was first released.

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