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Join JMSN’s suburban, backyard barbecue for a dart and a beer in his newly released music video ‘Hypnotized’.

The scene might seem a little bleak if it weren’t for the upbeat reggae rhythm and very smooth dance moves. Featuring the lulling backup vocals of Arima Ederra, and a disjointed party of six, even the guy mowing the lawn is feeling the good vibes.

The song itself is about having an appreciation for life and becoming hypnotised with all of its “twisting and winding”. The only one not feeling the vibes is the old guy who uncomfortably sits back, observing the party with a scowl. And it’s an obvious choice who you’d rather be sitting with.

Much like in life, JMSN’s barbecue is about embracing the good vibes, rolling with the good and bad experiences, and having faith that you will get where you need to be. Watch the clip for yourself above.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

Weekly updates