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If you are both pro-quality US TV dramas and anti-Donald Trump, we’ve found the perfect t-shirt for you. This tee featuring a print of Claire Underwood kicking Trump’s butt with some killer martial arts moves. The House of Cards character is shown knocking off Trump’s ridiculous toupe, using a powerful three-step jiu-jitsu move. Armed with this cotton tee, you can join Claire in the fight against bigotry. Claire’s politically fiendish character isn’t someone who you would want to mess with normally, but with these martial arts skills she’s somehow even more terrifying.

This kick-ass (sorry) design is available exclusively via Capital Tee, a Melbourne-born retailer of graphic t-shirts, which are all designed either in-house or together with select artists and friends. Capital Tee is also the brainchild of the good people at Super Special Printing, who are probably the masters behind all your favourite promotional totes and tees.

Check out details of the Ju-Jitsu tee above and head here for purchase details.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

Weekly updates