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Weekly updates

Making changes to a beloved classic is a unique design challenge. Change too much and you’ll alienate your existing audience, but if you do too little then you’re accused of trading in more of the same. Fortunately, Converse recognised this and responded accordingly. The Chuck II, the redefinition of an icon, staying true to its roots but updated for 2015.

While the silhouette retains the beloved shape that’s defined generations, it’s updated with a whole new roster of features. The upper is made with a premium treated canvas for durability, while the inner is treated with a micro perforated suede for comfort and breathability. There’s an updated patch (that took no less than 42 revisions to land on) and an incredibly comfortable Lunarlon sole courtesy of Nike. It’s the sneaker that you love, just with… more. Take a look at the launch recap in the gallery above, and stay tuned for the global launch on the 28th.

Photography: Julian Loh.

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