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Weekly updates

While a lot of sneaker freaks (myself included) make our footwear decisions based on the appeal of various textiles and sole comfort levels, very few people will emphasise the importance of a carefully constructed sneaker to the degree that the skate community does. After all, you want to look steezy while not risking inevitable wear ‘n tear ruining the overall aesthetic of your fit and a high degree of comfort with protection on top of that is a must.

Enter the ADV Boost. With a range of colours that will still look smart when scuffed, you can rep these from the park to the club without your squad batting an eyelid. The midsole is made of individual polyurethane pebbles rather than a slab of foam to create neat shock absorbers for your feet as well as a design specifically catered for extended skate sessions. Plus, that Flux-like heel cradle is niiiiiiice. I haven’t touched a standard trick deck since the last time I nearly turned my tailbone into a fine powder but if I had the nuts to get back into it, I’d probably bank on these honeys.

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