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Weekly updates

Well, the whole Kidult versus Marc Jacobs beef that we’ve covered previously has taken an interesting turn.

For those too time poor to follow links, here’s the breakdown. Anti-consumer graffiti writer Kidult turned his trusty fire extinguisher on Marc Jacobs iconic SOHO store, blasting a huge tag right across it’s front on the same night as the strictly A-List fashionista only Met Costume Gala. This is pretty standard fair for Kidult, who has previously hit Agnes B, Louis Vuitton, Supreme and Hermes in a similar fashion.

Things got interesting when Marc Jacobs (or at least his PR team) decided to make the best of a bad situation and throw a flick of the vandalised store front on a limited run tee-shirt with the tagline ‘Art by Art Jacob$’ which was available from their boutique for a hefty USD$689. Proving that time and time again crime does pay.

Now Kidult has hit back at MJ’s marketing move, releasing his own version of the tee with a previously unpublished action photo of himself hitting the store, complete with the caption ‘Not Art by Kidult’. To counter Marc Jacobs’ exclusivity Kidult is offering his tee at EUR€6.89. But before you start reaching for your wallet, this seasons most sought after unofficial collab is already sold out.

Now that instagram and twitter are fundamental components of graff it’s all starting to get a little too meta. What happened to just writing on a wall?