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Top 5 style takes from Tyler the Creator’s Vogue interview

“It’s always okay to wear whatever the fuck you want”

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Tyler the Creator’s latest GOLF collection is about to hit the internet and, like most things he does, it’s set to be yet another fan favourite and sure to sell out in a hot minute. He dropped the Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook for the characteristically bold range recently, which generated a lot of interest and the frenzy around his continued fashion exploits has now landed him in possibly one of the most unlikely mags—Vogue. Speaking to Vogue.com, Tyler speaks on his sartorial inspirations and motives in the most Tyler way possible, i.e. basically telling everyone to not give a fuck about popular opinion and do what you want to do (to a certain extent). We gathered a few of our favourite quotes, which you can see alongside some of the new GOLF range, above and you can check out the full interview here.

GOLF Fall/Winter 2015 is available online, December 13.

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