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At a time when there’s a new sneaker release every day and our wardrobes (and bank accounts) are suffering under the weight of our obsessions, we find ourselves repeatedly going back to the classics. Nike’s Air Max silhouettes are on constant rotation for most sneakerheads and this year’s Month of Max has definitely provided a lot more inspiration for fans of the Air. While most of us will attribute nostalgia to the Air Max but this year, Nike have been exploring what the future holds for their iconic sneaker technology.

One way the sportswear giant is reinventing Air Max is through their Revolutionairs project, in which 12 carefully selected creatives from around the globe have been invited to reimagine the styles. The crew includes designers, retailers, DJs, and artists, all of whom hold a special place in their hearts for that visible pocket of air. Each creative has put forward their personal interpretation of a future Air Max model and the options range from sleek and simple to truly futuristic. We’re also pretty proud to see an Acclaim fave (and noted Swoosh fiend) Alexandra Hackett in the mix with her Frankenstein’s monster take on the Air Max, stitching together her favourite parts from nine different Air Max styles to create her perfect version.

Some of these designs may look too good to be true but it doesn’t have to stay that way. As part of this initiative, you can Vote Forward and throw your support behind your favourite creator/shoe design so that the most popular one actually gets released. Take a look at all 12 designs in the gallery above and shape the future by voting here.

Weekly updates