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If you don’t know who that one friend is who is completely pet-obsessed, then it’s probably you. I take the crown for the most pet-obsessed person in my group of friends, repping a tattoo of my late dog on my arm, my text messages almost exclusively consisting of photos of my dog doing nothing interesting enough to warrant capturing, and the only thing I care about on Facebook these days is Cool Dog Group.

So, if you’re really bad at selecting presents and you have that one friend that always talks about dogs and Cool Dog Group (me, I’m talking about me), then your Christmas shopping just got slightly less difficult and slightly more expensive. Thanks to 3D technology and the ridiculously kawaii ideas that spawn in Japan, you can now have a 3D photograph of your beloved pet – so a slightly more realistic photo of your dog/cat/mouse/fish can blankly stare at you from across your desk instead of having to flick through photos on your phone under your desk. Though some of your less-than-understanding co-workers might question your sanity and/or love life.

All you need is a photo of your furry/scaly friend looking directly into the camera and then BAM, one month later you’re down $140, but at least the photo could probably double as a mask for Halloween. Right?

Weekly updates