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In an interactive graph published by Podio, you can check out how some of your favourite famous creatives spent their average day. The graph is based on the book Daily Rituals by Mason Currey, which details the everyday routines of 161 “inspired, and inspiring minds”.

My lecturers at uni always told me to stick to a routine, and all I’ve learnt from this graph is that you can pick any routine you want. Shout outs to William Styron, who went to bed late, woke up at midday, leisured in bed for a couple more hours, did work for a small chunk of the day, and then stayed up til 3am listening to music, smoking and drinking… and never exercising. Sounds like someone I know (me). Side note: he died at the ripe age of 80 — very sustainable lifestyle. Side note v2.0: he had severe depression — not a very sustainable lifestyle.

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