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Art Bites for ABC iview bring us Home: The Art of Ian Strange. The six-part mini-series provides an insight into the talented Australian’s process and concepts. Traveling with him as he globe-hops, creating here, there, and everywhere. Delving into the past eight years in Ian’s life, the series shows the progression and evolution in Stange’s art style. Showing his beginnings as the highly gifted Kid Zoom, we see Ian’s beginnings as a graffiti artist near unrivaled in his skills with a spray can. The mini-series focuses on Ian’s concept of ‘home’, which he has explored extensively in his works.

“Street art and graffiti culture has this really urban context, it’s mainly about painting inner city walls, and that’s not where I came from, I came from the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, so I wanted to make a work that really looked at that.”

Strange wanted to take it further than spray cans, he wanted to encompass all his passions into one form, combining film, photography, craft and paint to create a full picture of ‘home’. In moving away from this more urban context and focusing upon the often ignored mundanity of suburbia, Ian sheds light on some of the truths that hide within this “least glamorous place in the world”.

The series follows his travels and projects, from building a full-scale replica of his childhood home, to pieces that explore the “dark side of suburbia and post-colonial Australia”. You can watch it online now and read more about the prodigy himself, here.

Weekly updates