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Celebrate 100 years of film with this epic supercut of iconic movie scenes

Mad Max: Fury Road, The Sound of Music, and Brokeback Mountain combine

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Ever wanted to see 100 years of cinema in the span of six minutes? Well here it is, and it is guaranteed to enlighten your day. As part of this year’s celebration of the 2016 The Tribeca Film Festival, Baltimore filmmaker Jacob T. Swinney has combined 100 iconic shots from 100 different films over the past century.

Known for his supercuts, Swinney provides a brief snapshot of the cinematic moments that shaped our societal culture. Starting from Chaplin’s genius, Swinney takes us through the evolution of cinema. King Kong leads to Frankenstein, which leads to Singin’ in the Rain and The Sound of Music. Iconic moments from The Graduate, Star Wars, Titanic, and Avatar remind us of the moments that shaped our popular culture. The moments in which we laughed and cried. The moments in which we were left stunned.

Against a truly breathtaking score of music, the wonders of the cinematic spectacle become palpable. Check out the six-minute journey through cinema and appreciate the wonders of the cinematic form. You’ll probably get tingles. We did.

  • Words: Louis Hanson

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