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Warning: spoilers alert. CineFix is back with another 8-bit recreation and this time, it’s Stranger Things. We just can’t get enough. Highlights would have to include Eleven’s cute description of “powers: telekinetic & psychic”, and Steve’s “let’s get naked, Nancy”. He was always uncomfortably forceful, right?

The transformation of the Clash’s iconic 80s tune “Should I Stay or Should I Go” is also strangely satisfying. In fact, the whole video is less terrifying with a digi 8-bit sound. The YouTube comments are arguably just as entertaining as the video itself. “Still a better love story than twilight” and  “still better than Call of Duty tho” are just some of the memorable comments. Big, but understandable, claims. “When they killed off Barbara it actually triggered me,” writes Captain Chaos. This touched a nerve.

Check out the nostalgic transformation in the gallery above. For those of you keen to keep riding that wave of nostalgia, check out the Star Wars trilogy and Ferris Beuller’s Day Off in 8-bit. I mean, everything’s cute in a digi, game console format, right?

Weekly updates