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Once you’ve been with your partner for a while, your ability to mock the shit out of them reaches a savant-like level. You begin to notice small things, like how their voice changes when they talk to someone they want to impress, or what they do with their hands while they’re concentrating. Just by being around them you’re subliminally doing method-acting research, and because of this you can parody them more believably than Christian Bale ever could.

Turns out a few people at Complex are good at knocking their partners down a level or two and thought it would be fun to see other people do it also. They were right. Above is a video of couples who are so deep in their relationships they can use their power of exposure for evil. Special awards for couple-bullying go out to the girl whose reenactment of her boyfriend’s ‘O face’ involves a lot of “I’m sorry”, and the guy who calls out his Australian girlfriend for wearing all black.

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