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About this time last year an irate Wale called up Complex. Wale was more than a little upset that his album The Gifted hadn’t appeared on their ’50 Best Albums of 2013′ list. The phone call quickly became internet lore, with Wale deploying some colourful language and threatening the Complex office (“Get the security ready!”). At the time Wale came off as conceited, but, looking back, it was goddamn hilarious.

Jerry Seinfeld, while being another goddamn hilarious man, is also a close friend of Wale’s. It sounds ridiculous, but comedy and rap go way back. The story of the #normcore icon and the emotional sneaker head dates back to Wale’s Mixtape About Nothing, which was dense with Seinfeld references and even featured Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine Benes) on the outro. This led to Jerry extending his appreciation to Wale, making an appearance on The Gifted‘s ‘Outro About Nothing’ and eventually resulted in the fascinating friendship that we marvel at today.

Now, with the bad blood between Wale and Complex “under the bridge,” Wale and his BFF have the cover story of Complex’s December/January issue. In an instance of inspired damage control, the unlikely duo do a bit where a calm Wale opens up to an Jerry about not being on the top 50. Meanwhile, Jerry has different ideas about the rapper should be handling the situation.

Above, we present to you Seinfeld – to be consumed in the only true way: talking about nothing (Twitter hecklers, strippers and chicken, and celebrity) with his rapping sneaker head buddy.

Read the full interview over at Complex.

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