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Let’s be honest. Myki is a fucking joke, it’s almost as big of a joke as the people that patrol the inadequate transport system. Late last year we started to see Metro officers carrying EFTPOS machines, so you could pay on the spot fines which would be substantially cheaper than receiving the fine a few weeks later in the mail, ludicrous.

It’s rare to be using public transport and not seeing someone getting fined, whether it’s some innocent tourist that doesn’t understand the system or just a PT user that didn’t get time to ‘touch on’. Well now a renowned barrister/QC Julian Burnside, alongside a team of lawyers 30 deep are offering free legal representation to commuters contesting myki fines at magistrates courts in Melbourne, Sunshine and Broadmeadows on Thursday.

Mr Burnside, who usually charges more than $10,000 a day, took on a pro-bono case earlier this year, defending Melbourne woman Lindy Muto. Once the department heard of Mr Burnside’s involvement they withdrew the allegation of fare evasion, with Mr Burnside accusing the department of bullying innocent commuters into paying on-the-spot fines for allegations that could be defended in court.

Let’s hope that our lord and saviour Mr Burnside helps a few lucky Victorians out of paying their bullshit fines.


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