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You need to add Takashi Murakami’s sake to your liquor cabinet

And save this custom-brewed and designed bottle for those special occasions

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If there are two things that people most often associate with Japanese culture, it’s their attention to detail and being kawaii af (sometimes all at once). A great example of this winning combo is the latest project to come out of renowned artist Takashi Murakami’s camp. The art icon is teaming up with some of the best sake brewers, the NEXT5 collective, on his very own range of sake.

Releasing via his art management company Kaikai Kiki, the specially-brewed sake saw an expectedly colourful reception at its launch party late last month but what definitely caught our eye was the custom-designed ceramic bottles, courtesy of Murakami himself. Available in gold, white, and a traditional porcelain colourway, these bottles are obviously strictly limited and should probably only be saved for those special occasion dranks. For those sake fans who would prefer to pour some out on the regular, the beverage obviously still comes in the standard glass bottle, which is also adorned with the signature Murakami print label, so your liquor cabinet will still be stunting.

Check out some images above and check out the official website for more info.

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