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Weekly updates

So we decided to tip the last week of content into an auditory concrete mixer and behold, this solid gold playlist came out the other end. The ACCLAIM crew has been hard at it talking to rising Atlanta rap duo Rae Sremmurd, representing Melbourne hip-hop with Milwaukee Banks and discussing the dark cloud approaching us from the horizon that has been dubbed #seinwave. We don’t know what seinwave is exactly or what the emerging aesthetic is going to be like, but we’re investing in some tan leather belts, white nikes and aquamarine button-ups just to be sure.
Hit play on this week’s playlist and eat up those good vibes, fam.

1. Milwaukee Banks x Rat & Co – ‘Monitor’ [Listen to the double A-side]
2. Purity Ring – ‘Push Pull’ [Listen]
3. your old droog – ‘Porno For Pyros’ [Listen]
4. Nadus – ‘Nxwxrk’ [Interview]
5. Lil Herb feat. Earl Sweatshirt – ‘Knucklehead’ [Listen]
6. Oisima feat. Mei Saraswati – ‘Sun of Truth’ [Listen] [#TBT Interview]
7. Rae Sremmurd feat. Nicki Minaj & Young Thug – ‘Throw Sum Mo’ [Interview]
8. Willow Beats – ‘Chess’ [Interview]
9. B Wise (prod. Pro/Gram) – ‘Like You’ [Watch]
10. Ʌbelard – ‘☆SEINWAVE☆2000☆ What’s the deal with airline food?’ [#Seinwave]

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