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So apparently somebody leaked a behind-the-scenes video of Kanye West’s photo shoot for GQ’s August 2014 edition, which promised more of those classic Kanye-isms we’ve come to know and love. Unsurprisingly, the video has now disappeared from the internet, after approximately a day, but not without many having already watched and noted down those pearls of wisdom that only Yeezy could drop. His interview for the magazine was telling enough, but we obviously missed out on a few extra musings according to this video:

“For me it’s a fight, because most people are satisfied with ‘it’s good.’ Most people are satisfied with a 10. It’s not to just stop at 10…10 is ground zero. Perfection is ground zero. We need to take things to a genius level.”

“I’d rather take the chance of being hated to bring that type of creation to the world.”

“Michelangelo decides he wants to sculpt, it could be a bunch of sculptors that say ‘No, you’re a painter’, but he’s Michelangelo and I am Kanye West.”

Classic Yeezy.

For the greatest hits from the GQ interview, check out our gallery here.

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