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Postcards: Connor in Vietnam

Sensory overload

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First Times can always be a bit hit or miss. Sometimes awkward, sometimes painful, usually memorable. Fortunately when it comes to overseas travel, whatever uncomfortability you might experience is usually outweighed by the magic of the new and unknown. For local artist Connor, going to Vietnam was exactly this and he managed to capture some of that with this colourful series of images.

“Vietnam for me was an unforgettable experience. It was my first overseas trip and really put me out of my comfort zone. Everything was different; the cuisine, the culture, the surroundings—it was honestly quite challenging to feel comfortable initially. Though after some time I grasped the opportunity and really got involved with what was around me. It was an incredibly special place to take photos for the people of Vietnam are not often fussed with a lens pointed toward them. They go about their day to day business, which makes photographing this special, because it feels so real. No photos even had to be thought about because everything is right there in front of you, and the images speak the stories quite obviously. This intimacy between the camera and subject was something new to me that I haven’t felt doing day to day shoots in my home town.”

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