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You’ve probably already heard of Melbourne collective ESESE (Eastern Seaboard Electric Soul Experience).We premiered their clip for ‘Ain’t No’ back in January; if you haven’t had a glance at it yet, you can check it out here.

Since then they’ve kept rolling through with more brilliant vibes, releasing tracks like ‘Give Me Back My Money’ and most recently ‘Wonderland’ which both sound fucking incredible. Everything is on repeat, I can’t get enough.

Take a trip with Hudson James Jr and Hancoq, cruisin’ with the top down through what looks to be the magical forbidden forest of your dreams. Rocking slick fur coats and some of the most unique gold jewelry I have ever laid my eyes on, it’s easy to notice they have the full package. If this video doesn’t have at least 1 million + views by the end of the year I’ll be deeply disappointed in the people of Australia, support your local!

The stunning film clip is  guided by a little help from the sound waves of fellow Melbourne muso Lostbeat, who fused too well with the producing skills of Hudson James Jr. So take a seat, grab a sandwich, turn the volume up, sit back and enjoy the sweet sweet vibes of ESESE.

Check their website out here and make sure you stay up date with all their fantastic releases by following them on:

Triple J Unearthed

Jarman Cutrona

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