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It’s about time Palace dropped a skate mag

"Collectable if you're neeky"

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Palace worshippers rejoice because your fave brand is about to drop its very first issue of Palace Skateboard Magazine.

Palace have been keeping pretty quiet about this little beauty, but yesterday posted a photo on Instagram of the cover, featuring a mid-air Lucien Clarke, who is also sponsored by the brand. The caption boasts photography from Mike O’Meally, “extremely stylish pointless crap”, “zero stinky deodorant adverts”, and “no skatepark sequences of 7 year old kids doing inverts”, which all sounds pretty ideal to us.

It’s been a massive year for the skate brand, with Palace releasing collaborations with both Reebok and adidas as well as their own dope collections, of course.

It’s fair to say, judging by those Instagram captions, founder Lev Tanju is one sarcastic soul so sometimes it’s difficult to work out what is legit and what is shit but one thing is for sure, the magazine’s first issue will drop by the end of this week, and you better be ready.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

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