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Brooklyn’s infamous Lo-Life crew has been immortalised in a new book titled Bury Me with the Lo On, which details the history and key players of this influential streetwear crew.

Featuring interviews and rare archival photographs, the publication presents an insightful view into the actions of these Brooklyn teenagers who donned stolen Ralph Lauren goods as a means of empowerment, and to boost their own public standing in a city which viewed them as little more than petty criminals.

The book is a collaboration between the Lo-Life’s co-founder Thurston Howl III and photographer Tom Gould, who spent numerous years documenting the crew as well as its broader influence on the late 1980s hip-hop scene.

Whilst the 264-page publication is not set for release until July 7 this year, the book’s official website has plenty of page-by-page previews to give potential readers a taste of the history of this significant, but sorely underappreciated, streetwear crew.

To learn more visit the official website here.

  • Words: Vincent Dwyer

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