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The t-shirt that we didn’t know we needed, until now, is set to arrive, all thanks to Tyler, the Creator’s clothing line Golf Wang. We know that Tyler isn’t one to shy away from controversial opinions. His clothing line has been known to spark conversation as well. Remember the 2015 t-shirt adorned with the “White Pride World Wide” logo and the LGBT colours? “I asked myself some questions,” Tyler wrote at the time. “What if a black guy wore this logo on a shirt? Would he be promoting self hate? Would he be taking the power out of a shape? What if a gay guy wore this on a shirt? Would he promoting homophobia?”

Now, Tyler is sharing his political views. The perfect candidate to be in his line of fire? Trump. The tee shows Trump adorning a Hitler moustache, under the title ‘President of the United States’.

‘Donald J. Trump / 2016-2010 / We Fucked Up” it reads. The tees will be available to purchase online tomorrow from Golfwang.com. You should buy one. Now.

  • Words: Louis Hanson

Weekly updates