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Shooting From the Hip: The truth about threesomes – this time it’s personal

The Obnoxious Owl revisits one of her earliest ACCLAIM columns and addresses the haters

In 2012 I wrote a piece about threesomes that received quite a response. Things like, “I don’t think you’ve ever …

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OO - For one night only2

Shooting From the Hip: For one night only

The Obnoxious Owl touches down in Adelaide, jumps on Blendr and tells you a story

Guys, I’m really horny at the moment. Yes, I realise this can be considered an overshare, but at least I’m …

OO - Gen Why?2

Shooting From the Hip: RIP

The Obnoxious Owl on how we deal with celebrity deaths, and what that says about us

Another week, another #RIP tribute to a late celeb. Now, whenever I see a celebrity’s name trending on Twitter, I …

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OO - That Guy2
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Shooting From the Hip: Fuck on, we’re empty

The Obnoxious Owl, an owl applying for citizenship this year, shares her perspective on Australia Day

I saw the ‘FUCK OFF WE’RE FULL’ stickers before I even moved to Australia and before I really got what …

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OO - Don't be a ball-breaker2
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