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OO - What have you come as?2

Shooting From the Hip: What have you come as?

The Obnoxious Owl doesn't give two hoots about costume parties, even when Halloween rolls around

‘Tis the season to dress up. In ACCLAIM’s home town we have the Melbourne Cup, Halloween and then a few …

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OO - Style or substance2

Shooting From the Hip: Style or substance?

The Obnoxious Owl likes a bearded man, but what she like most is a man with a strong sense of self

Personally, I like hairy men. The hairier the better! Don’t get me wrong – I’m not partial to it growing …

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OO - Katy Perry disappoints2

Shooting From the Hip: Katy Perry disappoints

The Obnoxious Owl wants to like Katy Perry but just wishes that the singer could pen a decent breakup anthem

So the very luscious Katy Perry has a song out that is quite obviously directed at her spindly legged ex-husband, …

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OO - Sick ink2
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OO - Chicks are crazy2
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OO - Let me blow your mind2
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OO - I can't get no sleep2

Shooting From the Hip: I can’t get no sleep

The Obnoxious Owl talks bedmate etiquette, is happy to be either big or little spoon

I live alone, therefore most nights I sleep alone. I know for a fact that I get up on average …

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OO - The thing with grand gestures2

Shooting From the Hip: The thing with grand gestures

"Just like great sex or salted peanuts, one grand gesture is never enough." — The Obnoxious Owl

When a man proposes marriage, it is probably the grandest of gestures that there is – because it doesn’t stop …

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