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We’ve been on the internet a long time and during our virtual travels, we’ve come across a lot of unsettling and sick shit. Unfortunately, none of it really prepared us for this streamlined injection of negative emotions. This is kind of like if you watched the ‘Anaconda’ video clip while drifting off to sleep with a fever – all of a sudden your mum is on the screen and she’s kissing Drake while he claws ineffectually at her head. You try to look away but the gross face connection is already seared into the underside of your eyelids and Drake is laugh/screaming “what the fuck just happened?”.

We’re assuming this wasn’t a set up judging entirely by the revulsion on Drake’s face. Madonna immediately took to social media after this moment during Drake’s Coachella set to post a series of images and regram vids of the event with a slew of self-promoting hashtags including #bigasmadonna and #bitchimmadonna. We’ve got one too, Madonna – #hireanewPRperson

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