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OO - High Hopes 3

Shooting From the Hip: High hopes

"Right now I would kill for a bit of a roll in the hay. Even just a dry hump wouldn’t hurt"

OO - High Hopes 1

I have always been the kind of girl who would put out. What? I’m serious! Don’t judge me for telling …

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Shooting From the Hip: The truth about threesomes – this time it’s personal

The Obnoxious Owl revisits one of her earliest ACCLAIM columns and addresses the haters

oo - The truth about threesomes - this time it's personal-2

In 2012 I wrote a piece about threesomes that received quite a response. Things like, “I don’t think you’ve ever …

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OO - For one night only2

Shooting From the Hip: For one night only

The Obnoxious Owl touches down in Adelaide, jumps on Blendr and tells you a story

OO - For one night only

Guys, I’m really horny at the moment. Yes, I realise this can be considered an overshare, but at least I’m …

OO - Gen Why?2

Shooting From the Hip: Gen Why?

The Obnoxious Owl goes to a shrink to score some dexies and leaves with a nagging internal dialogue about what it means to be Generation Y

OO - Gen Why?

Eurgh, I have writer’s block and I have deadline. I don’t even know if writer’s block is even a thing …


Shooting From the Hip: RIP

The Obnoxious Owl on how we deal with celebrity deaths, and what that says about us


Another week, another #RIP tribute to a late celeb. Now, whenever I see a celebrity’s name trending on Twitter, I …

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OO - That Guy2

Shooting From the Hip: That Guy

"We all enable them with our guffaws, and our egging them on to snort wasabi paste or put the little Mexican hat you get with Sierra Tequila on their penis."

OO - That Guy

Today I would like to talk about ‘that guy’. We all know ‘that guy’ – he is the funny one …

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Shooting From the Hip: Fuck on, we’re empty

The Obnoxious Owl, an owl applying for citizenship this year, shares her perspective on Australia Day

OO - Fuck on, we're empty I saw the ‘FUCK OFF WE’RE FULL’ stickers before I even moved to Australia and before I really got what …

OO - Be a snappy dresser3

Shooting From the Hip: Be a snappy dresser

As the temperature skyrockets, the Obnoxious Owl observes that dressing weather-appropriately trumps dressing stylishly – up to a certain point

OO - Be a snappy dresser

In case you have been hiding under a rock and you don’t have the internet, I will tell you that …

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